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The word digital marketing means promotion or advertisement of any product, services or content with the help of any electronic device. Digital marketing is a fancy word used by many these days, but it is being used for a very long time. The advertisements you see on televisions and earlier the commercials you can hear on radios are all digital marketing. But now there is a shift of platform is in process, the promotions are now shifting from televisions and radios to the internet which is mainly used on computers and mobile phones. The digital marketing is the best source for companies or individuals for marketing their products or content.

Digital marketing can be done in various ways depending upon the product or content. Different digital marketing strategies include Content marketing, Social Media marketing, E-mail marketing, marketing through PPC (Pay-Per-Click), Inbound marketing, Affiliate marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and building Online PR (Public Relation).

These are few strategies used in digital marketing, now let’s understand them.

Content Marketing is providing content to an audience about your products or services; basically it is educating the audience about your product or services, making them intelligent and it will help you to grow a loyal customer base and you will earn profit. Content marketing is one of the most effective way for marketing and it is still widely used.

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a digital marketing strategy involves building your brand by communicating to the audience digitally on social media platforms and promoting your content or services. In this type of marketing, promotions of your products are done on social media platforms that engage your audience and you can make profit from it. Various social media platforms are widely used for social media marketing like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.

As we have plenty of social media platforms we must decide and utilize best social media platform according to our niche for best possible social media marketing. Facebook is one of the best platforms for social media marketing. Facebook has over 2.2 billion active monthly users, so you can imagine the potential. On Facebook create and use images and short videos as your marketing strategy.

Whereas Instagram and Pinterest lets you post and pin pictures on them. According to your niche you need to decide that, is it pictures you will be using or text. If you are planning to use pictures or infographics then Instagram and Pinterest is best for you. Using Pictures and Infographics for marketing is great for business.

When you want to gain followers on Twitter use intellectual one liners or productive short writing to provide knowledge and to attract people. Twitter is also a great place to build audience and marketing.

Building connections on Linkedin is great way to increase your presence on the internet. You can write small articles on Linkedin. You can write articles around your niche and interested peoples will connect with you. This will increase your reach and marketing will be easier for you.

E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing is a way to advertise or promote your products though emails. It is one of the most effecting ways of digital marketing because emails are used widely and researches show that emails are used more by adults. This way of marketing can be also used to build good relation with your customers.

Emails are very effective form of marketing because the outcome from it is the most comparing to other marketing strategies. Researches show that the conversion rate is also the most from other marketing strategies. As mails often checked by people, and it is a personal way to address to the person, so it is very effective.

For email marketing you need to gather emails or an email list. The email list can be bought and you can build it by yourself. Buying email list is a bad idea, because it provides old data and is not very useful, they are also expensive. But sometimes you can find it cheap then it can be useful to you.

You can gather emails and can grow your email list. You can use pop ups to let visitors subscribe to you blog by taking their emails. A follow up email subscription pop up can be used to collect emails. WordPress Plugins can be used to create gated contents; the gated contents will not let a visitor to access such content until they submit their email address to your blog. You can create giveaway contest on your platform and the visitors may participate to it by entering their email address. By using these tips you can easily grow a good email list. Once you have an email list try marketing thought that and keep in mind don’t mail repeatedly the same offers to the same people it might harm your reputation and you will be marked as spam.

Marketing through PPC (Pay-Per-Click), PPC stands for Pay Per Click, so as name says the advertiser should pay a small fee to the ad agency that puts ads, every time the ad is clicked. One of the popular PPC strategy is search engine advertising, here advertisers bid for ad placements of the sponsored search engine results. When you search particular keywords you can see search results with written ad on it those are sponsored search results. Search engine advertising in profitable for websites related to sales, despite paying a very small fee you can make a good profit by selling products or services.

Search engine advertising on google is most beneficial, because Google as a search engine has the most users. Google Adwords is the most popular PPC advertising service in the world.

People participate in auction for keywords on Google Adwords to get the PPC ad. There is dedicated process to participate in such auction. A good PPC strategy is needed to win such auctions. The first step is keyword research, you’ll need to research for keyword, and identify which keyword you want to auction for. Also gather the relevant keywords that can be also auctioned. Now once you gathered the keywords it’s time to enter the auction. In the Auction there are different factors based on that you will bid and based on that Adwords will select the positioning of such articles which may include products or services for sale. These auctions consider your quality of posts and bid to decide the results

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a marketing strategy where a company or the content creator attracts customers using different digital marketing strategies like content marketing, social media marketing, E-Mail marketing, etc. In this marketing strategy the customers are attracted and engaged towards the product or service and it leads to profit.

Inbound marketing gains trust with your customers. It helps in targeting dedicated traffic, the people who get to your services or website will be really interested and the conversion of the visitor to customer can be much more expected. Inbound marketing will not give you overnight success, you need to be patient and work through its process, it’s a long time strategy and its needs time. Once you apply inbound marketing to your business, monitor your business carefully to see its affects, to make yourself confident about Inbound marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the oldest marketing strategy, when a product or content creator promotes or make sales by giving some commission to the promoters (basically they have many followers or fans) to promote their product through them and the both company and the promoter make profit from it is affiliate marketing. In other way around the promoter gets commission from the company to promote the company’s product and help them to make sales is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is successful when you have subscribers or followers who visits your content, because if you don’t have people to see your content who is going to buy stuff from it. To gain followers create Facebook pages, Instagram profiles, Twitter accounts, etc., meaning make a mark of you on social media. Social media is the fastest way to gain followers; you need to provide content on social media that might be redirecting to your blog or just on that platform. Once you gather followers you can sign up to affiliate programs, where they provide you unique codes, those codes will be redirecting links of their products or services, you just have to put those codes on your platform you want to run affiliate programs from. So, whenever any visitor clicks on such links and purchases such products or services, you will get a commission from the affiliate providers.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization of the online content for certain keywords to rank on the search engine page for such keywords organically without using any paid tool. It is very important for online content creators to manage SEO for their content to rank on top pages and get organic traffic to make profit.

Online PR

Online PR (Public Relations) is the way of communicating with the customers or potential customers with other marketing tools. This strategy has many purposes and benefits to build audience and better your relation with your customers.

This is a basic guide of Digital Marketing with its strategies. Comment below for any queries.


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