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Zip files are compressed files, the file size of a zip file is lesser than a normal file or folder. Any file or folder can be transformed into a Zip file in order to compress it.

When a file or folder acquires a good amount of space you could compress the file or folder to reduce the size of the file by zipping the file. Multiple files can also be zipped together. You can zip a file or folder using inbuilt features or you could use software to do it.

Creating Zip files vary process on different platforms; it differs in Windows PC, Mac OS devices, Android devices and Iphones. Let’s learn how to zip a file on different platforms.

How to Zip a file on Windows PC.

There is an inbuilt feature to zip files on Windows.

To compress a file, right click on the file select “Send To” and choose “Compressed (zipped) folder”.

Your file will transform into zip folder.

Multiple files can also be selected and can be zipped together; you just need to select the files and do the same process to zip the files.

But if you want to create a locked zip file you will need software to create such zip file. You can download and install Winrar to create a locked zip file. Let’s learn how to do it.

First download the software Winrar. Once you have downloaded it, go to the file or files you want to compress. Select the file, right click on it select Winrar, choose add to archive.

Then, a mini window will appear naming “Archive name and parameters”, under that window on the bottom right you will see an option to tick or untick of “lock archive”, tick the box and below that select “set password”.

A new mini window will over lay the current window, on this window you can set a password, enter the password and then again re-enter the password, tick on encrypt files and select ok on both windows. Your locked compressed file has been created.

Open the file and now you’ll have to enter a password to open the compressed file.

Let’s learn how to zip a file on Mac OS devices.

  • To zip a file on Mac OS devices, first right click on the file you want to zip and then select “Compress items”, the file will compress and auto name the file with extension .zip.

  • If you want to zip multiple files together, select the files and right click on it and compress it.

  • But, if you want to create a password protected zip file, you will need third party software, it can also be done via terminal method but using a third party software is more convenient.

  • I say download Winzip you can use the trail version, once it is downloaded install it on your Mac OS. To zip and protect your files hold and drag the file to Winzip’s Manager, now, tick the encrypt box under action panel from the list of boxes on the right side of the tab.
  • Then click on the “Add” button on the top center of the tab. Now, select “Open Finder” and enter the password, your protected compressed file will be created.

How to Zip files on Android devices.

To zip a file on android you will need a third party app, the third party app can also protect your zip files by setting up a password to it.

Let’s learn how to zip files on android.

The first thing is you will need to download the app RAR from the Play Store.

Once you have downloaded the application. Open the app and search for the files you want to zip under that app. Select the files that needs to be zipped. When you are finish selecting, tap on the archive button on the top of the app screen.

A new tab naming “Archiving Options” will appear. On that tab you can change the name of the archive. You can browse the file manager and select the destination where you want to put your archive files. There are options, where you could select RAR, ZIP or RAR 4.x modes. You want to zip so you can choose ZIP option. Beside that you can also set a password for that zip file to protect your zip file. If you don’t want those original files after zipping it, you could delete those by selecting “delete files after archiving” or you could delete those files later individually.

Now, set up the password and tick on Encrypt file names and tap "ok". Your zip file has been created now.

Check your Zip file and verify whether it is protected.

How to Zip files on Iphones.

  • To zip files on iphone and ipad devices, you’ll need to install third party software. You can download the Winzip app from the app store.

  • Once you have downloaded it, go to your files and mark the files you want to zip. Then on the bottom right of your screen, tap on “more” and then tap on “zip”.

  • Fill the desired name of the zip file and tap on “ok”. Your zip file will be created.

These are few ways to zip files on various platforms. Comment below for any queries.


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