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How to Improve Concentration

how to improve concentration and focus

How to Improve Concentration

You have to know what concentration is and how to concentrate before improving concentration. 

Our mind is a vast ocean of thoughts and our attention is sailing on its waves and soars, to focus on one particular area at a time or to become so attentive that all diversified attentions which are sailing on ocean get shifted to one particular coconut tree in the beach of your ocean, it seems silly right, but it’s not, how can you put all your thought from the vast ocean to small coconut tree, when you are thirsty right? 

So in terms of improving concentration, you need to be curious and passionate about the topic on what you want to concentrate on, your purpose should be to gain knowledge not to get marks in the exam, if you want to concentrate on study, if you are curious about your subject it’s going to be easy for you to concentrate, buts it’s not easy to concentrate you have to practice concentration to gain power of deep focus in one particular thing.

 To practice concentration, you have to keep your awareness in one thing for a while and you have to find means in your daily life to this again and again during the whole day, and you should do this every day in your life.

 Undivided attention to a certain thing at a time is the greatest way to master concentration. 

For example: If you are talking to your brother just focus on him and what he is speaking about instead of making a strategy on your video gameplay in the backend of your mind. 

This way you can practice concentration in your daily activities.
To gain concentration on your study or in any work you have to focus on how much you have accomplished in a certain period of time, rather than how much time you going to put in to complete your study or work. 

If you are trying to accomplish something with full concentration without any distraction you are doing deep work and if you are doing something which you are mixing with multi-task activity and also checking your social media notification in time to time then you are doing shallow work.

If you diversified your focus on many things, you going to be distracted by many things, do get rid of distraction you have to be attracted on a single thing on a particular time.

 When you get attracted to a particular thing, when your mind invokes interest on the particular thing right, so you have to be deep concern about on what you want to concentrate, if you are not interested in, in a thing you never going to be able to concentrate on that thing.

Improvement of concentration is a cycle of practice which you need to do on a daily basis; there is no quick technique to does it.
You have to focus on these things to improve concentration study or work which is: 

1) Single Tasking

Much research has proof that multitasking decreases your concentration, when you shift one task to another your concentration decreases because most of your attention still remains on the previous task, your social media checking habit seems to be not so effective thing on your concentration or you might think it’s not multitasking, I am just checking my social media for a seconds during the study but it is, your mind is getting programmed to check your social media feeds and notification periodically even its not important or worthy of your time, did you ever notice some people have a habit of checking its phone without getting any notifications or phone calls it's their habit by which they are programmed to unlock the phone and scrolling through the social media feeds.

 So focus on doing the single task without any distraction. 

2) Intense Focus

You should focus on one thing with all your strength of brain without any distraction, this could only happen if you are very serious about your study or you have a very strong feeling about your goals and ambition for which you are putting in the efforts.

3) Build a habit of doing a study to an extended period of time.
You should have a set extended period of time for your deep study, you have to do it for one hour first then increase it to two, three, four, to as much as your body can resist don’t run according to your mind, because it’s always ready to jump on doing entertaining thing which leads to procrastination (the action of delaying or postponing something).

When you are able to concentrate you are able to transmit all your energy in a single point which you truly value, in life you could achieve or master the thing or goal where you mostly concentrate in, if your focus and concentration get diverse all the time it’s going to be very challenging to achieve what you want.

Comment down below what do you think of it, these things I have learned from a book called Deep Work which is mixed with my approach hope you going to like it.


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