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If you want to get out of depression, it show’s you know you can get out of your depressed state, that means you are in a first step of teaching your mind how to not get depressed. 

In this life we experienced an undesirable situation because of our expectation, see it’s not bad to expect something good to happen in our life but if it does not happen according to our plan our spirit becomes low, we lose hope in all aspects of our life, we become coward to face the real situation and to expose the real fact to our mind, then a sad and depressed state starts to get mix with our emotions, till here we are in control of our vehicle of emotion, we can turn the steering wheel whenever we want.

Maximum cases of depression are self-created which doesn’t need any pathological solution; you are depressed because you are evolving your bad situation’s memories in various dimensions, by thinking yourself of less worth or less fortunate. 

We human being generate floods of thought in our daily basis and all those get evolve from a situation, you can change those thoughts in whatever direction you want in a positive or negative way but if you choose the negative way, you are generating thoughts and emotions which working against you. 

See whatever happens in your life, always analyze the situation about how much worst it can get, if that certain thing fails or not happen in life, and accept the reality than find the solution and work upon it to whatever extent you can.

If your favorite vase which was gifted to you by somebody very special who has left this world, accidentally breaks, will you go to scratch your skin from the broken glasses of the vase, no right?

 Then why are you doing it to your mind, just think about it, if you are showing tantrums by getting depress nobody is going to bother you for long, at last you have to face the real troubles for your tantrums because it’s going to become habit of your mind and your mind is going to take those tantrums as a permanent situation of your mind, then guess what, now you are clinically depressed you need to visit doctor.

So think about these things, our brain is not half animal half human brain, so why are you getting humanly depressed and animally not thinking about it.

A man named Earl B. Haney has duodenal ulcer, and his doctor said to him that it can’t be cured and he has very less time, he got worried but after realizing the fact and situation he decided to do what he really wanted to do before he dies, he always want to make a world tour.

 So he booked his ticket on ship, his doctors warn him that he is not going to come back if he starts the journey, but Haney wanted to get buried in his own city Nebraska after he dies, so he takes a coffin with him and he make an agreement with the officials of the ship that if he dies they shall bring him to Nebraska and then he makes a carefree journey by being totally happy, by partying day and night, he eats whatever he desires, he does whatever he wants, without refraining anything because of his disease and at the end of the tour he increase 90 pounds of his weight and came back home healthy, he almost forgets that he has a duodenal ulcer and he lead a very healthy life after that.

This story show’s how powerful is our mind is, if we can believe and think by self-realizing the fact and truth, the deadliest disease can also get cured of a joyful trip. Comment your thoughts below.

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