Wednesday, May 8, 2019


We become anxious when we are uncertain about the outcome of a certain situation in our life, we get nervous by worrying too much about what’s going to happen in the upcoming time and put ourselves in a situation of uneasiness. 

Our brain adopt that behavioral pattern of ours and after then whenever we got in a certain kind of future-unknowing situation our brain is going to trigger that anxious state and then we experience anxiety, and it tends to happen with us throughout our life if we take it as a normal thing. 

But the fact is we know that we have to face that kind of surprising situation throughout our life, it’s impossible to figure out the outcome of a certain kind of situation no matter how hard you try, for example: you can never know what questions are going to be asked by the examiner in the examination paper no matter how anxious and worry you become by trying to figure out, you never going to know what exactly is going to be. 

But if you prepare well for your examination you will feel confident to conduct the examination.

But your life is a diverse matter for which you never going to find a syllabus like your exam, so to a certain extent you can prepare for a life but by doing every possible means, till where your brain dimensions can reach you can get drown in your ocean of life and by doing nothing for security of your life and family, no calamity can hit you, it can happen ha!. 

So do whatever you can in your capacity and be relaxed even if your million dollar vessel can get drown in the ocean you can get a piece of log and survive by drinking coconut water in the beach. 

See these all thing we knew, it’s all in our within, the problem is we don’t think, we are responsible for whatever is happening in our life, our anxiety, depression everything, we cause it to ourselves by not thinking and realizing the real facts of any situation. 

We should always think what worst is going to be if a certain plan or work is not happening according to our thinking, and we should absorb that reality by doing an analysis of that situation if this bad happens what we can do to our possible extend to minimize that bad situation, we must always expose the reality to our mind and take the thing however it is.

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