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How to become Rich

how to become rich with no money

How to become Rich

There is nobody in the world that can provide you a blueprint of how to become rich; it’s a self-exploring process of providing value and solution to certain things or problem for which you get the reward.

 Yes, there are approaches by which you can get inspired or unlock your dimension’s of the brain, which going to help you to face a different situation in your journey of becoming rich. So let’s discuss some of the great approaches inspired by great sources.

The approach of Early Wealthiest

Napoleon Hill was a journalist and a writer, who got a chance to interview the richest man of his time whose name, was Andrew Carnegie. 

During the interview, Andrew Carnegie said to Napoleon Hill that many people are going to fail in their life in the process of becoming successful, but the reality is the formula of becoming successful is universal, means everybody has an equal chance and opportunity to become successful. 

So Andrew Carnegie offered a deal to Napoleon Hill to write a book on the philosophy of rich people by interviewing them, which Andrew Carnegie is going to arrange for the author and he only gave the traveling expenses of his journey to doing the work. 

Napoleon Hill writes a book after 20-30 years of research on 500 most successful people in the world whose name is Think and Grow Rich.

In that book author is speaking about burning desire, any dream no matter how big is it you can achieve it if you have a burning desire, don’t wish anything have belief and faith in yourself that you can achieve it.

If you want to earn money you need to fix the amount, how much money you want to make and make a strong commitment that you going to earn that much on that time no matter what happens.

Determine exactly what you going to provide or give in return for the money you desire to earn from your customer and decide what you going to sacrifice in order to earn that amount of money, the sacrifice could be anything your sleep, your leisure time, etc.

Make a definitive plan of what you going to do to reach that success level.

Write down everything, in fact, I am going to suggest you write a journal, which is the most effective way to remind yourself about your goal.

Acquire more specific knowledge in a specific field rather than filling up your mind with facts and figures or general knowledge which only going to help you in showing off how intelligent you are, but the reality is you are making fool of yourself by thinking of that as intelligence.

Spend most of your time with positive and successful people, because you are what your brain consumed mostly.

The power of perception to become rich

Author Robert Kiyosaki has two dad, one is his biological father and another is his friend’s father, whom he considered as a rich dad, Robert own father who was well educated, a Ph.D. holder who has completed 4 years Ph.D. course in just 2 years also an education director o his state, his biological father always struggle for money in his last days, and his rich dad who had completed conventional education to only 8th standard was one of the richest men of Miami.

Robert had a great advantage of observing both rich and poor dad life and principles. 

His both dad encourage Robert to get well educated, but the difference is his poor dad always say him to get educated, so e could get a good job, and his rich dad encourages him to acquire knowledge to do business and to become a job giver, not a job seeker.

Robert poor dad always says “do not desire a luxury life or things, because we cannot afford it”, whereas his rich dad says “never say we cannot afford it”, the moment we say we can’t afford a certain thing our brain takes it as a command and stops find way and ideas to afford that thing, always try to find ways and create idea which can take you to a position, where you never have to say that “I can’t afford it”.

We should always understand about financial statement, lots of people especially the middle-class people categorize their financial statement in only income and expenses, but we forget the two of most important part on which rich people mostly focus that is assets and liability, assets are those which makes us money without or putting less amount of work and liabilities are those whose increases expenditures.

A real estate investment, investment in stocks and bonds, investment in creating a business is assets and buying a car or home in a loan is a liability.

Poor people financial statement cycles in between income and expenses, they earn money and spent it on food and other expenses without even thinking of investment, and some middle class people only save and save money until they die and left a good fortune for their families, which is foolishness to a extend, what use of those money by which we can’t even live your desired life, and some middle-class people spent more than they can just to show off, by doing this they get drown in liabilities which increase their monthly expenditure but their income never increase because they only focus on liabilities.

So you must get confused, by thinking “not save to spend then what to do”, saving money in a bank is not a true assets because it doesn’t give you a good return, a house in which you live in is not an assets because it needs money for maintenance but buying a house to give it on rent is an asset because it increases your income.
If your income increases at least 40% from your expenditures you could consider yourself a rich.

Power of Imagination

The imagination of human mind led to some of greatest invention in the history, by imagination we form up ideas, there are two types of imagination synthetic and creative imagination, synthetic imagination is those we get from observing and experiencing different things and creative imagination is our unique form of imagination which never matches with others.

Ideas form by synthetic imagination sometimes gave fruitful result, we can create many things in terms of business by getting inspired from someone else ideas, and we can also calculate the possibilities and risk of the ideas created by synthetic ideas because somebody else is already doing something like that.

By imagination, we form up ideas, which we can shape into real-world businesses and get some fascinating results.

Shallow imagination is of no use, you have to believe what you are thinking; you have to believe in yourself that you could shape up your imagination into ideas your ideas into products and make a business’s out of it.

Persistence is the key to become Rich or successful

A boy who was partially deaf in his childhood, his teacher wrote a note to his mother that her son is stupid and he cannot do anything in his life, so teacher suggests his mother to send him to school again.

His mother replied to the teacher that her son is not stupid and she is going to teach him and he will become successful one day.

After all, this that child had a burning desire to become a successful person and he becomes one by his persistence and burning desire, who later invented the light bulb and the child name is Thomas Alva Edison.

Burn the Boat for Success

Spanish Conqueror Hernan Cortes led an expedition to conquer the land of Aztecs which is now modern-day Mexico, when he arrives at Aztecs Empire in his Boats; he realized that his army was outnumbered by Aztecs soldiers in almost 1:100 ratio, by noticing his soldiers hesitation to fight such a large army he ordered his soldiers to burn their boats, when the boats were burned completely his soldiers knew there is no chance of retreating they have only two option either fight and win or die.

And they fought a furious fight and won.

That is the power of burning the boat, you need to do these within your goals and dreams to program your subconscious mind that there is only one road for survival that is your road to success, cut of the all road of your retreat which making confusion in your mind to run only in the road of your mega success.

Some of the point to remember

Always think positive in life and see the positive side of anything, try to learn from every situation.

Always dream big and start small.

Always focus on learning skills.

Always focus on quality.

Always remain consistent.


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