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how to achieve success in life

How to be successful in life

To be successful in your life you have to be a solid determined to your aim and your result from your effort to achieve that aim is going to be your success.

We got feed by information and beliefs from our culture in society from the beginning of our life and we built a perception from that information, if you going to run behind success you built from your information then it may not be worth to run behind that success, you may feel disappoint even after achieving it, by thinking “I have achieved what I wanted to achieve, then why there is lack of contentment in my life”, well that because it’s not what your true essence wants from you, your soul might get overlap by different kind of approach and thinking which was not a true flavor of you.

Culture is not a bad thing on its own, culture teaches us many valuable things but in every environment, there is positivity and negativity if you adopt the negative one then it’s going to be bad for you.

So what is a success, to be a successful means not only having wealth, fame, social status but also to have happiness and contentment in life?

It’s a fact; success is defined by wealth, fame and social status in our society, although it was a small part of this life. I don’t consider myself successful at this stage, but I follow lots of successful people, I have seen their hundred’s of interviews, I read books, I am on my journey to becoming successful, many people find boring to study books and see those hours of long interviews, this article is for them, in which I am going to share what I got from those 3 years of learning, the most valuable thing I achieved from 3 years of learning is an attitude which is unshakeable.

If 100‘s of people sit and try to convince me that I can’t be successful like those ultra rich people, which are only a few in 7.7 billion world population they were not able to demotivate me to put on my work on what I believe and for me, that’s a true success.

1. Wealth

Wealth is a valuable possession to earn wealth you need to put value in people’s life; you have to solve a problem with the help of your acquired skill in a certain area or industry and you need to be best and the problem you pick to solve must be important on which people and corporate wish to spend their money. So to earn wealth you need to focus on the specific area you are good at it, and most importantly you should love the work you do otherwise you are going to give up in two or three failures.

2. Fame

Fame is when you going to be famous among the masses, it could only happen if you have done something above the average. And you can also get famous by achieving notable achievements like winning gold medals in Olympic, winning the Oscars for acting, music, etc. It could be anything if you have talent, nothing can stop you to be famous.

3. Social Status.

To gain social status you need to be a philanthropist, after accumulate wealth having fame you can spend your money on the welfare of others in your society or around the world. Always remember the true happiness a person’s feels by helping another one in need.

tips to be successful in life

Power of focus and belief to be successful in life

A girl who got paralyzed due to pneumonia and scarlet fever, doctors said that she can never walk on her feet.
She wanted to be the fastest runner in the world.

Her mother always motivates her that she can do whatever she wishes to, because of her mother consistent motivation she began to believe that its really going to happen if she wishes to, slowly she started walking without taking the support of anything she fell lots of time but she never gives up.

She focuses all her energy to conquer her dream, she met a man named Ed Temple, and Temple was Head Women's Track and Field Coach at Nashville's Tennessee State University, she told about her dream to the coach and coach said “If you want to became fastest runner in the word nobody can stop you, and I am going to help you”,.

She started running and practicing and she began to take part in college races she fails much time to win the rest, and the times comes when she started winning.

Then at the time of 1960 Olympics she compete against Jutta Heine who got never defeated in her carrier, but guess what she got defeated by that girl in 100m,200m and 400m relay race, who was said, that she can never walk in her life by the doctors, she won three gold medals and made history, that legendary woman is Wilma Rudolph.

 These all became possible due to her focus and belief, so start believing and learn to focus.

key to success in life

You need to have a vision

You need to have the vision to achieve success in life, the vision of where you wanted to see yourself in the next 5 yrs or 10 yrs.

If you expect to achieve your goal, if you expect to reach your potential, if you expect to have your dreams come true, you must become master at visualization, visualization is an extraordinarily powerful skill, your brain has a “reticular activating system”, it is a network of neurons, it basically works as a filter system of your brain which allows certain information in your brain and it blocks out other information.

And the interesting thing is you programmed that filter by yourself unconsciously and it works by confirming your thinking by searching evidence of your thought if you think a certain person doesn’t like you the system is going to search for evidence during the conservation between you and that person.

We are confirmation bias people means our mind loves to read things you agree with, why we have that reticular activating system, there is a really important reason why you have this, if your brain letting in every information you pass by in a book or in a web page in our daily life with how much data and information we get exposed to in a physical and digital form.

 If your brain took in everything at equal value, your head would literally be going to explode and so the reticular activating system protects your brain by filtering information and only letting in stuff that your brain agrees with.

So that’s the scientific reason and mandate for why you got to get busy programming that thing. 

Now, I am going to talk about how we use can use visualization, in order to start to reprogram the reticular activating system in your brain to spot opportunity, your starts to spot evidence, that things are working out, your starts to spot coincidences so you can build momentum, and it begins with visualization, so if you take your goals and write down it in a diary and you have to make visualization of achieving that goal in a period of time you want to achieve it.

There is a particular way to do it if your goals are to improve your self- worth; I want you to visualize what your life looks like and how you’re going to feel about yourself when your self-worth has improved.

There are two things you have to when it comes to visualization, you have to close your eyes and have a specific picture of what it looks like in your life when your self-worth has improved, you are going to see yourself speaking up at work, and you are going to see yourself talking more about business.

Step 2 is to think consciously about your positive emotion you are going to feel like I am going to feel happy, I am going to feel proud, I am going to be so grateful that I made the change you have to mirror the specific picture.

By doing these you are training your brain to have a totally different filter, our brain doesn’t know the difference between something bad that actually happened to us and a good thing we are creating by visualization.

The visualization which you are practicing is going to be encoded in your brain as a real memory that’s why it changes the filter system.

It’s based on scientific research the more you visualize thing, the greater your confidence going to be, you going to feel a great feeling of security, the more you do this with your goals there is also proof by research that visualization actually improves your skills.

We human being need tools, because of tools we are dominating creature.

What life throws at you is not your choice what you make out of it is 100% your choice. So find that tool what fit’s in your goal, to make it happen.

Please comment down what you think of it and please do share my articles if you find it good. Thank you.

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