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How to be Happy

How to be happy alone

How to be Happy

If you want to know how to be happy, then absolutely you are not happy, so what is to be happy, happiness is a form of satisfaction and contentment your brain feels when you have the utmost level of clarity and satisfaction in your life.

You are swimming in your vast ocean of thoughts and you know what you want from your life and you are putting enough work that meets your ambition, you are running towards your goal in your ideal speed with the firm belief that it’s going to be a workout, that's satisfying and motivates an individual. 

Human mind always fluctuate it’s feeling it’s impossible to remain in any particular state firmly, so you can’t be happy all the time, you going to experience feeling which going to put you out from your zone of happiness, but you have your works and efforts which you are putting in to get to your goal and achieve what we want in your life, this going to satisfy you and going to remind you each and every time when you are in a door of depression but level of your work never going let you knock on that door.

Always remember you are one of a kind your unique ingredients will surely going to mesmerized world if you cook a good dish from it, but you have to put effort and maintain consistency to get away with your itchy situation itchy situation means, if you have blanket of sack you cannot sleep with it comfortably in winter, you have to figure out how you going to earn money to buy a blanket of fur to have quality sleep so you could work out with pure energy in the next morning.

Life is always not about to stay happy because it’s a situation of mind which going to change in different state, it’s about your worth how you utilize your duration of time in the earth, what impact have you put during your lifetime this thing is going to give you utmost happiness, while you are in a death bed, never , never have a regret in life because it’s the biggest reason for negativity and unhappiness in life, always give a shot to a thing you wanted to have in your life.

And always remember in life you didn’t live alone we have families, friends and we are connected to each other so do our happiness and sadness to maintain that level of satisfaction, maintain their needs and security towards our loved ones if they not going to be happy and safe our goal of remaining in a state of happiness for most of the time in life is not going to accomplished.

Always take care of your flock of sheep of which you are the shepherd of, otherwise, they going to fall from a cliff. That’s your inner circle of satisfaction and as a human being so we have a certain kind of responsibilities towards society.

If we have enough we should share with the people in need, in terms of happiness we always have to think in the long run because of temporary pleasure which we gain by playing games and watching movies is not a happiness, our mind tricked us by this kind of temporary pleasure, mind means our thoughts which we gain throughout of our life, these thoughts got processed and gives us perception, feeling, thinking. 

So we have to be conscious and careful what type of content we consumed because our happiness which also a feeling relies upon our thoughts and this content can trick us in the false road of happiness.

Some points to keep in mind to know How to be Happy.

  •  We are impatient we conclude things very instantly without deeply think about it, observe yourself, observe the nature, how things are systematically put out in a place for us appreciate it.

  • Nobody is listening to others, lack of empathy, We human being are connected to each other never think bad about anybody, because if you harm someone that someone which you think is a different also belongs to the same nature which you belong to, that harm to him eventually going to harm you one day. 

  • If you concern more about more what you don’t have in life, appreciate what you have by seeing others who are less fortunate than you.

  • Help others, it gives you a feeling of a high level of satisfaction, we going to feel more worthy by doing it.

  •  Don’t think too much about past, don’t even think too much about your good moments, this going to make your current moment dull, appreciate the moment you are currently in. Because the chain of your life is in the current moment if you going to connect it to past (good or bad), it going to delay your efforts for future goals, we going to stuck in a leisure zone of thinking and feeling good or bad about past, which may also lead to procrastination.

  • Always put a question mark in your road of happiness think did the thing you are doing really going to give you happiness.
By doing or following the above thing, I believe you can gain a sense of belonging which going to lead you to happiness.
Let me know, what you think of my suggestion on How to be happy if there is any query or topic that you want me to answer or write do email me and comment down below what you think.

How to be happy alone 

In every quest of obtaining something, you have to analyze the circumstance and explain it to yourself.

In the case of being happy alone, you should know why are you alone, you have to analyze why you need to be alone rather it is because of your work or family dispute, by seeing the things clearly, you can take step towards it, if you have your family alive you don’t need to be happy alone in life, go to your family talk and settle down the things, they are your own people don’t shy away to open up in front of them. 

If it’s a matter of broken heart by break up, you are not alone you have your family with you, who love you since you born, you don’t need to be alone and make yourself away from family for that two days chameleon (male or female) guest, you just came to your life to teach, how to change how “chameleons” change color according to the situation.

All these are self-reflection, you always know deep down what matters, what not, but we didn’t understand for some kind of weird phenomenon in our mind, which love to remain in a situation “ I am the victim of blah, blah, blah” we are far strong than those silly things , and we are far worthy then those of things we are here to make a change to be an impact, not to hide on emotion of nest in which , we love to get pampered by other “ we know what’s happening in your life type of friends” they don’t know anything, you know and you are in charge of what is happening in your life.

How to be happy always 

Happiness is not fitness, that by doing the exercise you can remain always happy, it’s a state of mind, and mind is thoughts which always fluctuates according to the situation. 

But a deep consciousness and understanding can help to remain always satisfied by doing the good things and by putting the effort in the things you value, you need to be aware what’s going on your life and why it’s happening to remain content and the path of contentment always ends on happiness.

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