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An essay is summarized piece of writing about any information and the opinion on the information by the writer. To write a descriptive and yet not too long type of essay you have to plan for it, you can just start writing with the topic but it won’t be as good as like a planned one.

So, I will tell you how to write an essay about planning and perfection. There are a few steps you should follow to write an essay. So, let’s get started.
First, if you have a topic you are fine but sometimes you are just handed to write an essay without a topic, then you have to find a topic. So, to find topic research about things think you can write an essay about, you will find more and more information about that thing and this will make you more interested to write on that.

Once you have selected the topic, make clear that which type of essay is the topic is going to blend into. To make it clear there are four major types of essays are there –

  •  Narrative Essays – Narrative essay is a type of essay where the writer tells a story about an incident or occurring with him. These types of essays are written by the first-person view, the word “I” is commonly used in these types of essays. Normally these types of essays are concluded by the writer’s perspective.

  •  Descriptive Essays – Descriptive essays are similar yet not similar to narrative essays. These are one of my favorite types of essays to read. These essays are written to describe an occurring or a place or a situation by using colorful words that you can feel a sense of it. It has vivid details that you can connect and feel to it. The writer won’t tell you the story they will make you feel it. The conclusions of these types of essays can touch your emotions.

  • Expository Essays- Expository essays are essays based on true facts and analysis on a topic. These types of essays don’t portray the writer’s emotions it explains the facts and analysis on a topic and it is not written in first person view. These types of essays are of different variations, essays like comparing stuff, how to, process, etc.

  •   Persuasive Essays- Persuasive essays are a semi-similar to expository essays as these essays also present true facts and analysis of a certain topic but it includes the opinions of the writer. The writer convinces the readers why the fact is true and why should we agree with the opinions. In these types of essays, the writer presents all types of arguments and communicates clearly with the readers.

how to write better essays

There is another option if you want to, choose the type of essay first and then select a topic based on that it’s totally your decision.

So, once you have decided on the topic and the type of essay you want to write. Think about the essay you want to write about, write down the thoughts related to your topic. Develop new ideas on the topic and write down collectively and organize them.

The next thing is research. Research about the topic properly, research about the thoughts you wrote related to the topic and analyze them carefully. But for descriptive essays, you don’t need to research as much as for other articles.

Once you are done with it organize all the content you gathered and try to build a framework for your essay according to the content knowledge. The framework should be like the parts of the essay, say introduction, body (it can contain various diverse frames of content and conclusion. So set it up.

Now, when you are done building a framework, you have to fill up the frames to make a nice body that you can present it to your readers. To do that write from the organized content you have gathered, then write down the essay. Once you have completed the writing, now re-check your essay for mistakes and errors, and check for if editing is needed. Try to be very clear and precise with your essay.
There you go you have successfully written a perfect essay.

These are my tips and opinions to write an essay. Tell me how you guys write essays.


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