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A cover letter is a single page document attached to your resume, which let the employer know how fit you are for the job.

Before getting into how to write the cover letter, let’s know the purpose of the cover letter, why do you need to write a cover letter. The cover letter is the way of conveying your personality towards work to the employer.

 Cover letters are to tell your employer about the job you are applying for, your experience with your previous job if you are a fresher use your achievements as accomplishments.

 The employer should be able to understand your personality towards your work.

Now that you have known about the purpose of the cover letter, let’s check out how to write a cover letter.

The cover letter consists of your hiring manager’s name (sometimes you won’t know the name of your employer, try to find out the name of your hiring manager). The cover letter consists the name of the company you are to apply, obviously your name and contact details, a few paragraphs about you and at last your signing off.

Now as we know what a cover letter consists of, let’s break them in parts and try to look closer on each part to understand it better.

• At the top of your cover letter, you need to state your Formal Name. The name can be aligned according to your wish, it can be aligned on the centre, left or right, and if you ask me I suggest you align on the centre. 

The next thing is your contact which will be just below of your name and you can also add your address besides your contact, but it is not mandatory. 

In your contact details provide your phone number and your professional email address.

 Keep in mind don’t provide your casual email ids like or, provide a formal email which consists your first name with a surname like

best cover letter sample

• Now below that, aligning from the left provide the date of submitting on the cover letter. The next step is, whom are you addressing your letter to, the name of the hiring manager.

 As I mentioned above in this article, if you don’t know the name of your hiring manager try to find it out, communicate with the company via mail or call to get the name or through your sources, mentioning the name of your hiring manager puts an extra impression on the manager. 

But if you are unable to find out the name then your last option should be “Hiring Manager”. Below that, mention the company’s address and start your paragraphs after mentioning your hiring manager like “Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. The surname” or “To whom it may concern”.

• Next, it’s time to write the paragraphs, usually 3 to 4 are paragraphs are enough for the cover letter. 

The first paragraph should consist of mentioning the post you are applying for, your previous job credentials, your skills which can completely relate to the job profile briefly.

 Provide your intention towards the job you are applying for. The first paragraph should lucrative, it should grab your hiring manager’s attention and as if the manager wants to know more.

• Now comes the second paragraph, it is a major paragraph where people just mentions their skills.

 But this is not enough, you have to be different to get that job, so you need to provide your experiences with such skills, provide stories from your past where you came up with a solution for the company and boost their profits, helped them with the goals of the company, use such stories in very brief, just the informative part.

 Mention skills and let them know what you can do with your skills for the company.

how to write cover letters

• For the third paragraph mention how your skills and previous experiences can help the company in the future. Try to know as much as you can about the company, decide a purpose that why you want to join such a company, deciding it will help you to finish off your letter handsomely. 

Mention a few factors why you want to join their company, this will make an impact on the manager and manager will feel your compassion towards work and your feelings towards the company.

• Add the fourth paragraph as a conclusion and thank them for their time to read your letter also add ask them to contact you and you will love to hear from them. Sign off personally, using blue ink is recommended by experts.

So, these are some tips and tricks you could apply in your cover letter to make it exceptional in 2019. Share your thoughts on this in the comment box below.


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