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Writing an article is a work of patience, research and writing skills. Writing an article for magazines, newspapers, and blogs is kind of similar to each other; they all need patience, research and writing skills.

 On the latter half of this article, I will also tell you how to improve writing skills.

 But now let’s concentrate on writing an article.

There are a few steps that you can follow and you can write an article. The steps are-

  • To write an article you need to have a topic, so, first of all, Select a Topic to write an article. The topic can be of any type that you think you could teach someone, clear doubts, clarify the misconceptions based on that particular topic, and select such a topic for your article. Try to select a topic which is specific, choosing topics that are not specific might confuse your readers. You can choose topics from any recent liking event or news, anything you find very interesting, etc.

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  • Once you have selected a certain specific topic, write down elements you know about that certain topic and arrange it in order.
  • The next thing to do is Research about the topic. You will find a lot of new information on that topic, collect it. You will also find new words during the research of the topic, learn and use such words, simplify the words that you think your readers would have difficulty to understand such words.

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  • After collecting information you will have a lot of content with you to write the article you want to. Now you have to make a Structure of your article where you can fill up with your content. The Structure of an article is the divisions i.e., introduction, description, advantages and disadvantages, significance, conclusion, etc of any article. You need to create a structure and fill up the content orderly into them.

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  • Next, when you are done with writing your articles read it aloud and ask a friend to listen, take his review of your article. Then, check for Mistakes and do the necessary Corrections.

These are a few tips for you to write an article properly. But writing skills is another aspect of a good article. You should improve your writing skills before you start writing an article. I have a few tricks and tips for you to improve your writing skills.

I will explain the tips in steps that you can follow to improve your writing skills.

  • To become a good writer you must become a good reader. A good reader can always become a good writer. You can read articles on various kinds of topics, concentrate on their writing patterns. This will allow you to broad up your perspective of the way of writings. Read different approaches of writers on the same topic. In the end, you can create your own version of writing by reading these articles.

  • For better writing, improve your basic grammar. Improving your basic grammar will allow you to express your knowledge precisely and you will feel more confident about your writing.

  • Writing on random thoughts or topics can improve your writing skill. Try to write on any random topic that comes to your mind, instead of only thinking and going deep write those thoughts. This practice is very helpful in improving your writing skill.

  • When you are a beginner and write something try to edit your article yourself, do this when you become a good reader. Check your article and edit your article yourself, do it as a reader, this helps in improving your writing skills.

  • Try not to use unnecessary words in between your piece of writing, don’t use fillers. Try to be on point; don’t go to over explain by filling up sentences with unnecessary words. Avoid using unnecessary words to improve your writing skills.

  • One of the most beneficial aspects to become a good writer is by becoming conversational. Your piece of writing should be conversational towards their readers. The readers should feel you are talking to them; it should not be robotic language.

  • At last, practice is the key. Practice these steps and improve your writing skills.

These are my few ways to improve your writing skills and how to write an article. If you guys have other methods feel free to share in the comments section.

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