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People who work on computers in their daily lives should know how to take a screenshot. 

As it is very useful tool in certain cases. 
If you work on a company or any sector and you use computers to work on your projects, sometimes errors can occur on such computers and you would need computer IT guy to solve the problem, in such cases you can just take screenshots of that problem and send it to him if it is hard for you to describe the problem.

Screenshots are also useful when you describe some process or methodology, using screenshots of particular functions helps people to understand better.

For personal uses, screenshots are helpful, like if you pay a bill or any important notification you see on your computer that you can take screenshot of for future references.

So, there are various ways to take screenshot on Windows. Taking screenshots on various versions of Windows has not changed, a few new features have added for new Windows that’s it.

Now let’s check out how to take screenshots on Windows.

  • The first way a very simple one and can be used to take screenshots for most of the versions of Windows. Windows Key + Print Screen Key would take the screenshot of the present screen instantly, a dim light will indicate that the screenshot is taken. [NOTE: The Print Screen Key is abbreviated in different ways in different keyboards it can be Prscr, Print Scrn, Prnt Scrn, Prt Scrn, Prt Scn, Prt Scr, Prt Sc or Pr Sc] To see your screenshots go to your PC>C Drive> Users > [your PC name]> Screenshot.

  • Screenshot of a particular Window can be also taken. Alt Key + Print Screen Key will take a screenshot of a particular window, before taking the screenshot to make sure you have clicked on that particular window. Once you have taken the screenshot it will be saved under a hidden clipboard, you need to paste the screenshot on image editors, try pasting it on MS Paint or MS Word to make the screenshot visible to you. Save the particular file and you are done.

  • One of the easiest way to take a screenshot of the screen you are looking at is just tapping the Print Screen Key on your keyboard it will be copied to a hidden clipboard and paste it to your image editor tool then save it from there.

  • Windows has built in tools for taking screenshots. It was first introduced on Windows Vista and it’s still here. Snipping Tool is to take screenshots on Windows.

Now, before we move on to how to take screenshots with Snipping tool on Windows, let’s see why to take screenshot with Snipping tool rather than the simple ways we learned above, because the Snipping tool can take screenshot of a desired particular area on your screen which the simple ways can’t manage to take screenshot like this.

windows 10 snipping tool

So, to take a screenshot by a snipping tool you first need to open the snipping tool, for that search for snipping tool on your search bar, then open it. Now before you take a screenshot you should know that there are various types of screenshots you can take from Snipping tool. The Snipping tool has four modes, Free Form Snip, Rectangular Snip, Window Snip and Full Screen Snip.

how to screenshot on pc windows 7

how to take a screenshot on windows 8 laptop toshiba

how to screenshot on laptop

  • When you select the Free Form Snip you could take screenshot of any desired portion in any desired shape, as the name says free form.

how to screenshot on hp laptop windows 8

how to screenshot on laptop hp

how to take screenshot in dell laptop

  • The Rectangular Snip is where you could take a screenshot of a rectangular particular area on the screen.

how to screenshot on laptop acer

snipping tool windows 7

snipping tool windows 8

  • Window Snip is a screenshot of a particular window, already a shortcut is mentioned above to take a screenshot of a particular window, Snipping tool can also do the same.

how to screenshot on dell chromebook

how to screenshot on dell laptop windows 7

  • Full Screen Snip is used to take a screenshot of the full screen which is visible to you.

keyboard shortcut for print screen without printscreen button

From the mentioned types you can choose a screenshot mode and then click on New, you will see a dim screen where you could select the area you want to take the screenshot of or if it is a Full Screen Snip the screenshot will be taken once you clicked the new option.

how to screenshot on hp stream laptop

Before you save your screenshot you could do a lot of editing on your screenshot. Once you take the screenshot from Snipping tool, the screenshot will appear on your screen under the Snipping tool. You can see on the top of your top bar of your tool there are icons with Pen, Highlighter and Rubber can be used to edit your screenshot right there.

how to screenshot on hp laptop windows 10

how to screenshot on hp envy

how to screenshot on hp pavilion x360

  • The Pen tool can be used to mark something, this tool has different color option, when you customize it, it has different thickness points and tip points.

how to screenshot on dell laptop windows 7

  • The Highlighter can be used to highlight any important factor you want to highlight with.

how to screenshot on samsung laptop windows 7

  • Rubber can be used to rub the marks of pen and highlighter.

how to screenshot on hp elitebook

  • You can also Send the screenshot right from there using the Send option

how to screenshot on windows laptop

how to screenshot on windows 8 touch screen

  • Under Snipping tool menu bar, there is a tools menu under that an options menu is available where different selections can be made to customize the Snipping Tool.

Now, you will have to save it before exiting from the program.

how to screenshot on dell

Snipping tool has another feature; you can choose a delay time to take a screenshot. Basically you can set a timer to take a screenshot of the screen on a particular countdown. You could do it just by setting a delay time on the delay section and there you go you could take the screenshot using the timer.

  • Windows provide another tool that you can get it from Windows Store Online to take screenshots, Snip and Sketch. It works same as Snipping tool. But it is a little easier to use than the Sniping Tool.

These are the ways to take screenshot on Windows. Tell me guys which of way you find the best. Mail us for any queries.


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