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Blogging is a way of writing digitally, you can write about things that you are passionate about and at the same time you are sharing the knowledge that can benefit others. So, once people benefit from your blogs they will start to follow your blogs and your blog gets more and more views. 

This is the time you can now monetize your blogs by applying for advertisers approval to publish their ads on your blog. 

But, before that to apply for such advertisers your blog appearance should be very neat and should look attractive, this will impress the advertisers and convince them more to approve your blog for monetization (so you can earn money from your blog). Google Adsense and Media.net are the top advertisers; they pay you to show their ads on your website. Google Adsense is widely used.

There are different ways of starting blog different platforms; you can start blogging for free on Google’s blogger or Wordpress.

 Most of the bloggers use Wordpress as a platform to blog but it is paid, to host your website. Whereas, on blogger, you can host your website for free. But for both, you have to buy domains, a proper address for your website.

For beginners, the blogger is a great option to host your website, but you have to buy a domain to get approved for monetization. Now, here I will point out the steps, tricks to how to start a blog and make money from it.

Decide TOPICS on what to write about is the first and foremost thing you need to do. It is basically finding your niche.

Once you have decided to use keyword research tools to research keywords (such as UberSuggest) on your niche and check its difficulty to rank, searches per month and CPC (cost per click).

 By this research, you can estimate your keywords to use for your article and its potential to be clicked.

 To get clicks for articles you need to use some tools to rank your article on the top page of Google’s search results, for that you need to use LSI keywords in your articles, use tools (such as LSI graphs) to research LSI for a certain article, it will help you to rank your article post on the top page of Google’s search engine.

blogger tips for beginners

Once you have decided the topic, Create a BLOGGER’S account using your Gmail account. I believe for beginners, the blogger is the best option which is free to host your website later when you start earning from it you can switch to Wordpress, which is paid.

Creating a blogger account is very easy to go to blogger.com sign in with a Google account, but I recommend creating a new Gmail account for your fresh new blog.

After signing in, enter your username and a blog address (something creative or associated with your blog theme, and there you go have a blog platform for you. Keep in mind, don’t just start writing and posting.

There are a few things you have to keep in mind, before writing and posting. Buy a DOMAIN with a proper address (should be easy to remember). GoDaddy is a website on which you can purchase a domain name.

 If you want to earn from your blog you have to buy a domain name or the advertisers won’t monetize your blog when you apply for it. Now, when you bought the domain, you’ll have to connect your blog address with the purchased domain. There are a few steps you need to follow to connect your domain with blog’s address-

The first step is login to your blog dashboard, go to settings then basic, and you will see publishing on the right side, there you will see your blog address mentioned just below that you will see +Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog, click on that.

how to start a successful blog

Now, here you have to add the domain name that you have purchased and then go to the website where you have bought your domain from, go to the section where it says My Domains, and click on Manage DNS below your domain name (the domain name you have added to blog). 

There you can find options to add CNAME and A records fill it up from the given records on Third Party Domain settings on blogger (blogger has the CNAME records, add the A records from settings instructions on the Third Party Domain settings page).

how to make money blogging for beginners

how to make a blog for free

Once it is done save it (it will take 10-15 minutes to activate the domain), then the blogspot.com domain will be redirected to the custom domain you added there. Also, be sure to activate HTTP and HTTPS as yes below the Third Party Domain settings.

Next, after setting up the domain, the keywords you found out after research, write articles on those keywords (take some time to write a few articles to your perfection).

There is one thing you need to keep in mind that once you post 10-20 articles don’t show up your website to search engines and blog. 

Once you complete posting 20 articles then show up your website to search engines, this will portray a good impression on search engines and are more chances to rank higher on the search engine results.

 To do that Sign in to Blogger, then on the left menu click to settings and then basic, under basic go to privacy, click edit and select No to not show your website to the search engines. When you are done posting a few articles then change it to Yes.

blogging for money for beginners

blogger tutorials beginners

 The next thing you can do is promote your articles, by using backlinks; it is a method of stating your article’s link on some other’s blogs. It can be done by asking other authors to mention your posts.

 There are many blog authors that usually mention other’s blog post, you can find out them and mail them to state your article on their blogs. This is a way you can increase your blog traffic.

Check your analytics or stats of your blog on blogger to monitor the progress of your blog posts.

making money blogs

These are some ways, tips to start a blog and earn money from it. Feel free to ask related questions in the comment section.


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