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As we all know English is the most common official language around the world, even for interviews it is necessary these days, say if you want to share amazing thoughts or ideas, if you want to speak in public about issues, English is the language you should go for, it can reach to more people (excluding few areas).

As a whole, you should know how to speak in English. In this piece of writing, I will discuss various topics related to English and I hope you could learn from it.

The points that will be discussed are-

  •  How to speak in English easily
  •  How to speak in English with fluency
  •  How to improve English
  • How to improve English speaking

    Now, How to speak in English easily?

how to learn english speaking fast at home

So, to speak in English easily, vocabulary is the most important aspect. Learn basic vocabulary and practice talking with a person who can talk in English. This will give you self confidence to speak in English in front of people and it is one of the easy ways to speak English easily.

Try To Think In English. Whenever you think about something, think in English, because once you get a habit of it you can be spontaneous in English.

Learn Tenses of English grammar this will help you to speak English better and you will feel more confident about speaking the language.

The tenses of grammar will help you to speak in English in different situations.

To be fluent in English is work of practice and you have to spend time on it.

how to speak english easily

To speak in English with a fluency you have to have the confidence that you are fully in control of what you are speaking. You shouldn’t doubt yourself otherwise you cannot be fluent in English.

Listen to the talks in English and try to practice the talk yourself, it is better if you write it down and practice speaking it loud.

Listen carefully to the English audios on TV shows, news, movies and try to read as they read on talks it will help you to be fluent in English.

Make a list of basic introductory questions and try to answer them, write it down and practice as it is more comfortable, questions like they ask you in restaurants, coffee shops, shopping’s, for directions and answer them, this will be a practice for you and you will be more confident, comfortable and prepared for these kinds of situations. This will definitely help you with your fluency.

Use a mirror and talk to it, this will help you to watch yourself how you talk you can see your expressions, body language, and then if its need to be improved you can do that as well by looking at the mirror.

The practice is the key. Practice these methods and you can speak fluent English without hesitation.

There are many aspects to improving English. Different approaches should be taken for writing, reading and speaking in the English language.

But if you master your reading and writing skills, you will help yourself to become a good English speaking person.

how to learn english quickly

To improve writing in English, you need to increase your vocabulary strength. You need to learn new words that you can apply to your writing. Your English spelling is also a key for good piece writing. Master your English spelling, improve your grammar and read regularly.

These are some points you can try for better written English.

To improve your reading in English, read the right books. Whenever you read try to read books on topics you find interesting because you will read the book with attention and you won’t get frustrated, and when you are interested in something you will learn from it.

Ask questions while you are reading some content this will clear your reading, you can feel that why have to read it and can explain it to others.

Now, to improve your English speaking, if you have improved your reading and writing skills than you already have improved some of your speaking skills, because when you write you can learn new English words and while reading you train your speaking muscles, these aspects won’t let you get in any awkward situations while speaking.

Benefits of these are you won’t think for words when you are talking to someone as you have already worked on that while writing and you won’t be awkward while explaining something using some tongue twisters as you have already worked on while reading the content.

how to learn english quickly

But, there are more factors that can be helpful for you to improve your English speaking.

To improve speaking in English try to pay attention on words with stressed sounds, there are some words in English vocabulary where the first half of the word is stressed that the second part and sometimes the second parts of the word is stressed than the first one with the same spelling, but they mean different, so when you are speaking such words you need to understand where to stress those words for a proper meaning.

This will help in avoiding misunderstandings between the speaker and the listener. Examples like, Desert and Desert, one of the means area with no water filled with sand without any habitation and the other means to leave or abandon a place, both of the words spell the same but their meanings are different, so when you speak these words you have to take care of stress sounds and pronunciation which are different for these words, So you pronounce Desert meaning an area full of sand as DeSert – a little stress on S, whereas to pronounce Desert meaning to leave a place as Desert – a little stress on D.

You can be fluent and improve pronunciation by singing along English songs, pick a few songs to practice it by writing down its lyrics and practice it along with the song.

This will help you to improve your English speaking.

When you learn a word learn its use in different situations uses it as past form, future form, form of an adjective. Learn its different forms; it will help you to improve your English speaking in different conditions. Like, work – worked – working. Use these different forms in different sentences.

Don’t just learn different words to learn phrases and idioms and use it in your sentences, this will make you confident and your English will improve.

Idioms like, A piece of cake - To kill two birds with one stone – to cut corners.

These are some idioms used by English speakers practice sentences with some idioms and improve your English speaking.

When you are in conversation with someone you tell them stories about something interesting, try that in the English language, in this way you will be able to monitor your improvement and can improve your English speaking with such conversations.

So, guys follow these steps to speak in English and become better than before. If you guys agree with these solutions or you have better solutions let me know in the comment section.


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