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HOW TO SAVE MONEY (Exactly, what actually needs to save money).


Our mind is seeking pleasure every time, we are in a galaxy of content in the form of advertising, music videos, films, etc, most of it promote luxury and flamboyant lifestyle so our mind is getting programmed by the idea, that buying things give us pleasure. 

So those content present different things as a luxury item for example car they flaunt luxury cars and make your brain think that buying a car gives you a pleasure but those are they are flaunting are very expensive you can’t afford it but less expensive cars are available in the market and banks give you a loan to buy those less expensive car which are specially designed and produce for middle class population and guess what you get duped and buy one of the low variant cars.

If you dream to buy the luxury one which cost half a million dollars that’s not a bad thing because you have to work for that, you should at least be a multimillionaire to buy half million dollar car.

You have to struggle for that for doing that your mind procrastinates and settles in easy to get things, which gives you a short term pleasure.

This way you lose your money and it becomes difficult to save money for you, dream and strive for a better lifestyle, don’t settle in good.

 When you have higher goals your mind will not be going to lean towards short term pleasure and you will not spend your hard earned money on worthless things.

You have to program your mind if your brain gets trigger in spending by knowing you have money, you can never save any amount of it.

Work on your habit make a discipline routine cut off your worthless expenses, cut off your expenses which harm your health like if you consume alcohol or smoke, you are in a serious problem, these are things which intoxicate you and heavily affects your brain and its spoil your whole life because if you can’t behave properly, how you going to control your life.

Consuming intoxicated things take your mind into a dim state and by doing it, again and again, your mind gets programmed to remain in dim state, of course it’s not that dimmed as it used to be when you are consuming alcohol but it even if it 30% percent you going to be in serious problem your life was finish, so quit it.

Make up your mind to save at least 10 % of your income and invest that to earn more and then again invest them from that income do it until you can spend without thinking.

 Make a habit of only spending 90% of your income; if you save at least 10% of your income and invest it wisely nobody can stop you from becoming rich.

 Poor people financial statement cycles in between income and expenses, they earn money and spent it on food and other expenses without even thinking of investment.

Use 10-second rule before buying anything stupid, in these days marketing techniques are very powerful which manipulate us to buy a useless thing, before buying anything wait 10 seconds by deeply thinking that did you really need that product or you can use your money in something more valuable.

Money is to spend, so it’s hard to not spend money but if you are spending above your capacity scale, then you going to suffer in your life. 

Money is not important until you got quarter million dollar medical bill, nobody wishes they or their loved one going to make quarter million dollar bill in a medical bed but it’s a life, who knows where we going to end up, always prepare to face the problem become so wealthy that no problem could bother you.

Save until you don’t have to think to spend.

I can give many save money steps and rules but not one of them going to work until you make up your mind to make up your mind first and your brain is going to find your unique steps to save money.

how to save money from salary

Some ways and approaches to save money

1. You need to develop the habit of living your life with 90% of your income from the beginning because habits programmed your subconscious mind and it is difficult to re-program your subconscious mind once you get a habit of spending 100% of your income.

2. Save money in mutual funds or other thing as a investment, don’t just put your money on bank account for some small interest, people always take insurances as investment an insurance can never be an investment, insurance is not a bad thing do health insurance for future medical expenses but don’t think it as an investment.

3. Cut off all your useless extra expenses and luxuries, you don’t need to have a Netflix and Prime account, you can survive without it because only dumb people spend their time life by watching web series and television.

 Make a dedicated budget and list the things which really matters and cut off the rest which consumed your hard earn income.

4. Became more aware of energy consumption in your house because in many household their handful of income goes into electricity and LPG bill, so put your high energy consumption machine and devices off while not in use.

5. Always remember you don’t need to buy every latest Smartphone and gadgets came’s out in the market, just because your colleague or friend has it, this habit is surely going to ruin your life latter because showing off is the biggest disease in your financial body.

6. Always make a future plan, think how much money you need to survive or to have a life you dreamed about, choose a career or job, whatever fit in your work habit, by scaling with your dream, analyze by calculating, did that amount of money going to fulfilled your dream, If not don’t settle on that job.

7. Don’t overspend on anything until you become rich, and you don’t have to think to spend.

8. Make a dedicated budget by categorizing your expenses, be strict on it.

So, there is my thought, ways, and approaches on how to save money, comment down below what you think and share this with your friends and family to support me. And if you have any personalize question email me, I surely going to answer you.


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