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How to improve memory

how to increase memory power naturally

How to improve memory

Memory is a faculty of the mind by which its stores and remember information to use by its consciousness in the time of need. Its capacity is huge, you never going to have lack of space in your brain to memorize anything you want, so why we forget things, why we can’t remember all the thing’s crystal clear in our consciousness, why it gets blurred out.

Our mind never erases memory completely out of our mind, we forget because we can’t bring those things we want to remember in our conscious mind whenever we want.

Our brain remembers everything from our childhood every faces every visual that’s why we see a person in a dream which we thought we have never seen that person in our life.

On the things, in which your feelings and emotion got triggered we do not forget those things easily, our brain always blurred out theories we memorize from a book or any other sources because that doesn’t thrill our mind. So you have to relate your study to yourself to remember it in a thrilling way.
how to increase memory power naturally

How to improve memory power

Our brain can store huge amount of data, in fact, the study says, that our brain can store up to 2.5 petabytes of data approximately, 1 petabyte is equal to 1024 terabytes and 1 terabyte is equal to 1024 gigabytes, to be more precise, about how much 2.5 petabyte data is, it will take 300 years to see a complete HD quality video of 2.5 petabytes, even though if you watch it constantly.

This is the capability of our brain, then why it is that, we are not able to remember simple words, numbers or paragraphs our brain cannot memorize it easily, or after sometime we quickly what we had remembered this is because, mostly techniques and ways we use to remember things are not proper or correct, most people try to remember things by mugging or by repeatedly memorizing it but the reality is our brain is not made to remember things in such a manner after some time we quickly forget what we had remembered.

Dominic o Brien has become world memory champion for eight times, not because he was born intelligent, or he was smart in fact he was the weak student and also the dyslexia child still he became the memory champion because he knew proper techniques and ways o remembering things and proper ways of utilizing his brain. Now, I will tell you some of the principles, with the help of which even you can also remember things easily and properly, just like Dominic o Brien.

Principle No: 1 is Imagination

William James said in his book, that imagination and memory are strongly connected to each other. Example, if I ask you to share some of your old beautiful memories with me, you will start imagining that experience in your brain, then you can easily tell me the experience, if you can easily recollect those memories, in different words, the things you can easily imagine, you will more likely to remember it, and you have to imagine the situation or things with the help of your all sense, like how it feels when you touch smell and taste by seeing it with your eyes by hearing the sound of the surroundings happening at that moment.

Principle No: 2 is Association

Here Association means connection between two things; we are more likely to remember things which are connected to each other, for example, we listen and see something, so we start remembering stuff related to it, it happens because our brain remember things easily when it has a connection between each other or n association but when we can’t see the connection between two things, then it becomes difficult for us to remember it, for example, if I say fruit, apple mango, banana, grape you can remember it because they all are fruit but if I say fruit, cabbage, cloth, wood, oil, iron, germ then this list of word would be difficult for you to remember, because the words do not belong to the same category in the second list and your brain finds difficult to make a connection between them. Using this technique we can increase our memory capabilities.

Associate yourself with the important elements of the theory and make a story of it, when you need to remember that, think about the story, and the theory will be in your conscious imagination efficiently.

This principle and technique are from the book you can have an amazing memory by Dominic o Brien.

Dominic O Brien who has been 8-time world memory champion, he had also made a record of memorizing 54 decks of the randomly shuffled card in one look, which is of 2208 card. He used a technique called memory palace to do this unbelievable task. This technique was invented 2500 years ago

Principle No: 3 is Location

Our brain tends to remember things more efficiently by journey and locations, that’s why whenever we forget our belonging in anywhere, we remember it in a sequence of our journey and location.

By using these three principles what makes a memory palace technique, which is one of the most powerful techniques to remember anything whether it’s a theory, number, name, etc.

To use this technique you have to select your palace, selecting a palace means to choose a location which you have well mapped in your mind.

And second is to do is, you have to number the items in your palace, to numbering you have to stand on main door of your palace and start looking clockwise from their whatever you see number the every item like if you see a glass vase first then it going to be number 1 and then painting on the wall it’s going to be 2 and continue until the clockwise direction ends , and then again go to the next start the same numbering from the number it ends on the first room for example if it ends in 15 you have to start next room numbering of items from 16 and do this for all room in your palace depending how big is your memory palace is.

If your house doesn’t fit on your memory palace you can use your neighbors house also as a memory palace but you have to remember certain rules, never repeat the routes and items if you have a pendulum clock in the main room and also a simple clock in the next ignore the next room clock because that both are clock and falls in the same category it can confuse you, and the item should be significant, don’t number curtains and pillows.

Thirdly use imagination and association to remember, if you have to remember a periodic table then number 1 H hydrogen, imagine H is floating in your vase of the memory palace which number 1 item of the palace and then helium He is sitting in a sofa, by doing these you can remember periodic table and also another thing.

On the things, in which your feelings and emotion got triggered we do not forget those things easily, our brain always blurred out theories we memorize from a book or any other sources because that doesn’t thrill our mind. So you have to relate your study to yourself to remember it in a thrilling way if it’s possible.

Please comment don below what you think about above techniques and share the article if you think it’s useful. Thank you.

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