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MS Word is a life saver for people like bloggers or anyone who writes on computer. MS Word gives us a variety of options to choose and style our writing. But sometimes a small problem disturbs the rhythm of writing, mainly when we print from it, a page in between or at the end gets created and doesn’t delete.

When such type of page pops up it doesn’t go away irrespective of how hard you try to remove it, then here I have some solutions for you on how to delete a page in word.

  • The first and the easiest way to delete a page in Word is by using the BACKSPACE key or in Mac OS is the DELETE key. So when you write a piece on MS Word and suddenly you found yourself on a new page that you won’t be needing, then go to the end page where the new unwanted blank page has been created and use the backspace key to remove that blank page.

  • But, sometimes using the backspace key to remove blank page doesn’t work. Then use the DELETE key, go to the unwanted blank page try pressing the DELETE key. I hope you have deleted the blank page in Word.

  • Now, sometimes the paragraph ends and shift to a new blank page, even on the new page there will be no writing but it has been created. To check that extended paragraph, on your home tab, there is a “paragraph mark or ¶” under paragraph section.

how to delete a page in word 2018

Click on that once to show paragraph marks, once you click on that, paragraph marks will be shown on end of paragraphs of your writing, now if the paragraph mark extends on the new blank page then manually delete it.

  • A new page is also created when we use tables or pictures or graphs on MS Word. Such pages form just below the tables. To delete such pages use the paragraph mark to detect the new paragraph on the new page. Then select that new paragraph mark and shorten the font of it, short it to 01.

how to delete a page in word mac

This will help you to minimize the page view and the new page will be automatically deleted.

So, these are few tips on how to delete a blank page in Word. Tell me if you guys have new tips for deleting such pages. Mail us for any queries.

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