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How to Control the Mind

How to control the mind

To know how to control the mind, first you have to know what is mind, so a mind is an element of a person which sustains on consciousness, perception, thinking, personal judgments, language, and memory of a person, it enables us to be self-aware of the world to think and to feel in your own unique essence, this whole thing amalgamates and gives us the power of intelligence by which you apply and acquire knowledge and skills.

What if you could control your mind

If you could control the mind, you could save energy to got transmitted into useless thing or activity you got to engage in which is of no use, you got limited amount of energy in a day from a nutrition which you accumulate from your food, energy neither can be created nor it can be destroyed, so it should be transmitted to a task or activity which you value right?

So with your intelligence, you could filter your daily activity and put your energy on the things which you really value, so what really stopping us to put your energy on the things which you really value.

Distraction is the reason for which you can’t drive your energy in a direction you wanted to.

You got distracted by many ways in your daily life and the biggest diseases of mind it gave birth to is procrastination, the main cause of distraction is social media and other entertaining things like games, fun apps of creating video, you have to understand this thing by your conscious mind that you have to use it for your good, you should never get addicted to these things each and every time phone beeps you shouldn’t check what notification you got in your social media account.

Technology is good social media is good if you utilize it for your benefit, you shouldn’t see this thing as a means of entertainment only, these things are providing us dimensions and you are getting stuck in it.

For example, if you search for a video on youtube on your study topic you get a related video, you watch it you learn what you need to learn, till here it's all good and at the time of closing the tab, you get suggestion of a music video and you click it you watch it, you see a girl on that video which you find really cute, and then you landed on her Instagram page to see her pics and then again you find another girl on her Instagram account which had a Snapchat video together and you get landed on that girl Snapchat, tangent after tangent after tangent you got stuck now, and you have wasted 1 hrs by doing these and faded out the concept what you learn from that study topic video.

But you are not obliged to do that thing, nobody is putting a gun on our head to make us do these things you are intelligent being, you can make your own choice and trust it is possible to shift energy but it will need practice, now you are practicing these social media and internet distraction thing again and again so these things are not making us slave of them your practicing is doing it. 

Always remember you are what you repeatedly do.

All things are good Internet, social media everything as long as you human being is a charge of it, so take charge of your daily activity, by doing a critical analysis of your task by the use of your intelligence.

Awareness is the key to control your mind

Awareness is a light in your vast oceans of thoughts, memory, feelings, knowledge, and experiences, wherever the light of awareness goes that area of your mind becomes active and conscious.

You are allowing external factors, people and situation to control awareness you can’t control your mind and that’s the main reason you become distracted, you have to practice concentration to get rid of this, to practice concentration you have to keep your awareness in one thing for a while and you have found means in your daily life to this again and again during the whole day, and you should do this every day in your life.

 Undivided attention to a certain thing at a time is the greatest way to master concentration.

When you able to concentrate you are able to transmit all your energy in a single point which you truly value, in life you could achieve or master the thing or goal where you mostly concentrate in, if your focus and concentration get diverse all the time it’s going to be very challenging to achieve what you want.

Difference between mind, thoughts, and intelligence

Why I am differentiating these things? See here I am trying to put every cognitive element in a transparent manner so you could understand thoroughly everything, how our brain works if I could explain to you these things you can easily control your mind. 

So a mind is an element of a person which sustains on-

Consciousness: by which we acquire our experiences, perception is our unique point of view of the world, thinking is a process by which we reason our experiences,

Personal Judgments: when we conclude a matter with or utmost level of self-conviction,

Language a medium by which we communicate and acquire information (we all know that) and

Memory a cognitive medium by which the mind stores and remembers information.

Thoughts are what we produced by thinking, it’s a phenomenon of sudden occurrence in mind by which we often form an idea and also an opinion.

Intelligence is the greatest ability of ours by which we can logically analyze every thought crosses our mind, by the help of intelligence we can adapt and refrained good and bad things.

 Intelligence is the major element by which we can control our mind.

 So you need to strengthen your intelligence by consuming good information and knowledge, and we also need to differentiate between good and bad to strengthen our intelligence.

Some of the important point to remember to control your mind

• The mind always fools you for temporary pleasure.

• Intelligence always seeks facts and knowledge.

• We should start reasoning every matter and things that came across our mind, when we start reasoning, when we think before the act and react without getting fooled by our mind, then our intelligence get strong.

• When you got excited or when you are in an extreme level of pleasure, people tend to lose self-awareness, so you need to control yourselves when you are in an extreme level of happiness and pleasure we shouldn’t fly on a cloud 9, in that time unusual things happen for which you have to pay a heavy price later and you have to leave in a regret.

To control the anger , which you get from an unwanted situation is also part of controlling the mind.

• When you are not in an extreme pleasure able situation or in a depression that is a neutral phase of your consciousness, to figure out what to do in these situations is art to control your mind, because your mind is seeking for some thought and work and its tendency to bend more towards pleasure in that situation you have to bring your intelligence and needs to drive your focus to a more worthy task.

• Self-actualization and understanding are the main ingredients to be mixed with intelligence to control your mind.

Here I put all I think that needs to control our mind, if you get the above content clearly, you will definitely going to be able to control your mind, so comment down below what you think about my approach to control the mind, your opinion matters to me.

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