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How to Control Anger

how to control anger and emotions

To control anger you have to know what anger is, anger is a strong feeling, caused by annoyance and disturbance due to the displeasure of not getting things done according to your way or assumption, sometimes it also caused by hostile behavior, unfriendliness by others, get opposed by someone in a certain matter.

Basically, it is an inner matter which caused within even if it caused by provoking it’s your mind which develops that rage. Now it’s clear what anger is and where we have to work to control or anger in our mind right?

Now the thing we should put in our conscious mind is that anger is not a feeling which resides in our mind and we need to control it when it evolve or become uncontrollable, we became angry, we get angry, as I said it’s a matter of within ourselves, then why we should control it, if it is not present all the time in our mind or brain, you are becoming angry, you are becoming unhappy just because things are not getting done according to your wish or believe.

Anger is coming to you because you are not putting enough effort to get your emotion under your control, we shouldn’t get influenced by the outside situation.

Consciousness should create the situation not situation should create consciousness, we are a human being, we should find the meaning of being, we have a brain to think which can do critical analysis to each and every matter crosses our mind, then why should we have to get influenced by others.

Never depend on anybody or expect from anyone of anything, no one belongs to anyone, we should only depend on ourselves to fulfill our expectation.

We should shape our life by the feeling which gets generated by our consciousness, a consciousness which was not influenced by the outside situation.

So what is the cause of anger

• High expectation from others, when the person doesn’t deliver the result you are expecting.

• An unpleasant situation or environment on which you are not getting along.

• Holding a strong belief of something as that believe get opposed by anyone we get angry.

• If you get provoked by others.

• When we depend on someone and that person ditch us on the time of need.
So these are the basic cause of anger, now we know what is anger? how we get angry, basics causes of anger by these things you can also figure out how to control anger. But I am going to discuss some point with you on how to control anger.

• Never depend on anybody or expect from anyone of anything, no one belongs to anyone, we should only depend on ourselves to fulfill our expectation.

• Consciousness should create the situation not situation should create consciousness. We should have the ability to conclude and analysis any situation or matter to not get that unpleasant feeling of anger.

• We should learn how to handle the situation calmly when somebody attacks our strong belief, so our belief should be the basis on logic and truth, which have a theoretical basis on the foundation of truth, logic, and signs.

• We should never get provoke by anyone this is the dumbest thing we human get tricked by, we should use or brain when someone provoking us their intention of provoking by a quick analysis of a situation on which we are getting provoked.

By self-actualization we can control anger by knowing truly what we are and what we are capable of with capability of analyzing the matter or situation why this is happening can diminish your causes of accidental anger, no matter what people say or provoke we know what we are we could never get angry, we know that the situation is unpleasant and who wants to experience an unpleasant situation this thing could motivate you to take a step forward to work on yourselves.

The problem is we give anger too much value more than it deserves don’t take it seriously, its accidental emotion which comes and poison your brain and body, don’t pamper it, just let the situation to see where it leads if you don’t react upon it.

And trust me you can handle any particular situation more efficiently without anger, so just react little bit later when your soar of heated feeling lowers than think calmly you could find a better solution.

Just remember we are an intelligent being we could control and decide what we want, what we don’t empty your mind, using it for your good.

According to me, there is no other technique or ways to control anger, comment down below what you think, if any other topic I could write to you please let me know, Thank you.


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