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How to be Confident (Most effective and clearest way possible 2019)

how to be confident while speaking

How to be Confident

Being confident or having confidence is not a personality trait it’s a characteristic which supported by ability and self-esteem, self-esteem is your worth your value, by your own perception by knowing who you are, by knowing the purpose of your life.

When we need confidence when you are dealing with some important expressive external factor or matter right? 

For example, If it’s a matter of a girl or boy that you want to ask him or her for a coffee you don’t really need confidence with ability, you need confidence with the mindset that you just have to ask him or her by keeping in mind that regret is the worst thing to have in your life.

But if you are going to deliver a public speech you need confidence with ability and knowledge, because the public is going to through a rotten egg upon you if you talk trash upon the stage.

So real confidence is a by-product of knowledge, experience, skill, and ability you need to gain that thing on the certain field you want to express or show that confidence which going to attract people and first you have to believe in your way.

You may go to face lots of rejection in the beginning, but if what you are doing is right and you believe that it’s going to happen, because what you are radiating to universe is from your mind, their going to be some people who radiate the same energy and in a similar frequency of yours, it’s going to need some time to filter those people who don’t fit on your dream, just be Passionate about what you are doing be Persistence without caring about result and be Patient.

how to be confident at work

Combination of Patience, Passion and Persistence might be the greatest skill a human could ever have.

When you realize that you lack confidence? When you need to deal with some important work or before talk with a special person right?

Mostly fear anxiety and regret is the main reason we feel a lack of confidence and powerless, you tend to get more nervous when you need to talk with some big dignitaries and we don’t get nervous when we ask direction from a normal person in the street, and when in any situation you feel less powerful you tend to make more mistakes and your impulsive behavior leads you to an unpleasant situation.

So before facing any important situation, you need to feel more powerful to replace your fear, anxiety and regret with composer, confidence, and satisfaction.

So how to do that, we need to do power poses at the time of nervousness, for example: a victory pose like a sportsman do at the time of winning the game and we can also do superman pose, this poses increases our testosterone hormone level in a body, when you experience stress, cortisol hormone increases, which slows your body's ability to make testosterone, when testosterone hormone level is good, cortisol hormone level always remain low in our body this thing is proven by an experiment on people.

It’s impossible to remain calm before doing highly important task like if you are representing your country in an Olympics, surely you going to experience anxiety and fear which going to lead you to a state of nervousness instead of trying to stay calm say yourself “I am not nervous, I am just excited”, by doing that you can fool your brain and your conversion of energy from nervousness into excitement going to better your game.

Always remember your body language plays an important role to build confidence.

We human are antifragile means nothing can break us mentally or physically because our body has the ability to adopt any kind of environment and our mind can also survive any kind of turmoil, stress, pressure, error, disorder, etc.

In fact, it’s necessary that a human should experience physical and mental pressure during its growing period of time because it makes us strong.

And you should always have randomness in life because without some randomness a human tends to become more weak and fragile in its life, If we can learn from negative experiences we could build high confidence.

Always keep your self-esteem high, learn to self accept yourself by realizing the true essence of yours never compare yourself to anybody neither think yourself lower than anyone.

You face two kinds of situations in a life one in which you can by taking the right actions at the right time and another you cannot change anything about it no matter what you do, change what you can and adopt what you can’t change as Bruce Lee said: “be water, my friend".

how to be confident

This kind of situations shouldn’t be the reason for your lower self-esteem or confidence.

Be self assertive rather being passive and aggressive because passive and aggressive behavior can lead you to a situation which can destroy your confidence, a person is passive when he find difficult to say no to anybody and an aggressive person always remains angry and gets annoyed by little thing which can spoil a situation to an uncontrollable state.

The self-assertive person thinks and behaves in a calm way, so he can manage any situation and gets what he wants by simply talking in a correct manner.

Become responsible of everything that happens in your life never blame anybody you are accountable for your own life, if you don’t take responsibility your confidence never going to increase because you going to feel anything unwanted and bad never happens in your for your action, by that you are going to be like stale water who never flows and remain fresh.

Always set a bigger goal in your life which going to solve people problem and going to take you to a situation you wanted to be, it’s going to increase your worth in your own eyes and it going to push your confidence to a high level.

Becoming confident doesn’t mean to become overconfident always show your confidence intelligently supported by ability and knowledge.

Have integrity always do what you say it might take time but do it, if you fail to do what you say it destroys your confidence.

I learn some of the above approach from many books like Presence by Amy Cuddy, Six Pillars of Self Esteem by Nathaniel Branden, Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Some of the approach I develop myself and I gain confidence by doing that.

 Please comment down below what do you think of my approach so I could learn from you. Thank you.

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